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Volvic continues its 10 year-long commitment to help UNICEF improve water access, through contributions towards a project in Ethiopia.

Today, lack of clean water access prevents kids from being healthy and from spending as much time at school as they should, not enabling them as a result to achieve their full potential. Conversely, clean water helps save lives.
At Volvic, we believe that health and particularly healthier hydration habits are crucial to allow people to grow and unlock that strength they have within to achieve amazing things.
UNICEF believes that every child born into this world has the right to a childhood and a fair chance in life.

In some countries like Ethiopia, the fundamental right of water access is limited and together with UNICEF we want this to change.

That’s why we have been committed for more than 10 years with UNICEF to develop socially innovative solutions for water access. This partnership is based on the following beliefs:

  • clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene practices are essential for the survival and development of children. Access to clean water and good sanitation and hygiene practices may save lives of millions of children
  • in addition, a better access to clean water improves the quality of life of communities, especially women and children, and increases the school-enrollment rate for young girls;
  • UNICEF and Volvic believe that every child has a right to clean water, to be healthy and to achieve amazing things

In 2016, Volvic is renewing its commitment to contribute to the fundamental right of access to safe water  by supporting a new UNICEF project in Ethiopia.

Nowadays in Ethiopia, less than 50% of the local population gets access to water points and water quality remains a major concern. 60 to 80% of communicable diseases are attributed to limited access to safe water and inadequate sanitation and hygiene services. School attendance, particularly of girls, is also strongly impacted by the lack of water and/or sanitation in these institutions.
This water access programme plans to give access to water to 48 communities benefiting at least 40 000 persons, with more than a third being children under 5.

The three pillars of the new programme are

1. The installation or renovation of 48 water points including a quarter of solar powered pumps connected to schools and healthcare centers;

2. The installation of sanitation systems with toilets construction in 12 schools and healthcare centers;

3. The set-up of educational actions and trainings for basics hygiene gestures, water point management and respectful underground sources management.

With every 1L bought of Volvic, during the operatioN, anyone can help UNICEF provide 10L* of water to Ethiopia.