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Today, lack of clean water access prevents children from being healthy and having time to go to school, play with friends or enjoy family moments. In addition, clean water is essential for health and can help save lives.



At Volvic, we believe that health and particularly healthier hydration habits are fundamental to unlocking the natural strength that people have within to achieve amazing things. UNICEF believes that every child born into this world has the right to a childhood and a fair chance in life.

That’s why; in France and Germany, Volvic and Unicef have been partners for the last 12 years to improve water access in Africa.

In many countries of Africa, the fundamental right of water access is limited and together with UNICEF we want this to change.



Thanks to the support of consumers in France and Germany over the last decade, the Volvic-UNICEF program has improved access to water for over 465,400 people so far, by building or renovating 448 water points – providing over 33 billion liters of water for African communities.

The first country of partnership was Niger and since 2016, Volvic has initiated a new 3-year project in Ethiopia.

The partnership with UNICEF aims to develop socially innovative solutions for water access based on the following beliefs:

  • Clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene practices are essential for the survival and development of children. Access to clean water and good sanitation and hygiene practices may save lives of millions of children;
  • Better access to clean water improves the quality of life of communities, especially women and children, and increases the school-enrollment rate of children, particularly young girls;
  • Each child has a right to clean water to be healthy and to achieve amazing things. Healthy food depends on quality of water and so do people.

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