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As a long-standing partner of the Auvergne LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, or League for the Protection of Birds), Volvic has become involved in the Red Kite Conservation Programme in the Massif Central Region, which has been piloted by the LPO since 2009, in the form of skills sponsorship.


The Red Kite, one of the only species of endemic European raptors (a species native to the region) is now heavily endangered, and its numbers have fallen by 21% in six years.

Sponsoring skills in order to protect raptors

Volvic is making its skills available to LPO by enabling its employees to become involved in the Red Kite Conservation Programme in a hands-on manner, through volunteering during their working hours. The programme includes monitoring migration patterns, locating nests, installing bird feeders, etc.
A total of around 10 Volvic employees have dedicated almost 3,000 hours to the programme since 2009. Meanwhile, the most innovative aspect of this partnership is the introduction of a “project management” unit, in order to apply Volvic’s industrial know-how to a major project, and so enable skills to be transferred from the world of business to the voluntary sector.