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Our bottles, bottle-tops and cardboard packaging are fully recyclable.

We seek to encourage bottle-to-bottle recycling (i.e. using a bottle to produce a new bottle); where this is not possible, due to certain characteristic features (e.g. colour), we ensure that our packaging can be recovered for other uses, and turned into other products, such as textile fibres, and even pens.

An empty bottle is a resource, not waste.

To help improve the circular economy for plastic, we have entered into two partnerships in France, in order to increase the waste sorting ratio:


Lemon Tri offers to install an innovative system that encourages waste collection and recycling, in order to increase the sorting of waste outside the home (plastic bottles, cups, and cans) in city centres and shopping malls.
Eco-Emballages and Danone Eaux France, including Volvic, have been partnering this young company since 2014, with a goal of installing 80 machines in France between now and the end of 2016.

How does it work?
When someone puts a plastic bottle, regardless of the brand, into the machine, they may choose between:

  • Collecting a purchase voucher worth €0.02 per bottle sorted;
  • Donating that amount to a voluntary organisation.

Once they have been sorted, the bottles are collected by Lemon Aide, the social and socially inclusive enterprise founded by Lemon Tri and FACE (Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion or Foundation to Combat Social Exclusion) with the support of the Ecosystem Fund (http://ecosysteme.danone.com/) and of Danone Eaux France. Lemon Aide’s role is specifically to collect the bottles in the Lemon Tri machines, while helping vulnerable people return to work.

  1. 2. RECO:

  2. RECO also offers to install large waste-sorting machines, including in shopping mall car parks.
    Danone Eaux France has been involved in a partnership with Nestlé Waters since 2015 in order to expand the project. The idea is also to increase the waste sorting ratio in France thanks to machines that compact the bottles and offer discount vouchers in exchange for properly sorted bottles.
    Our aim is to install a further 80 machines in 2016, in addition to the 42 that were already installed in 2015.

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