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"We owe everything to nature, which is why we are protecting it" is what Antoine Riboud, Founder of the Danone Group, said many times.

An innovative partnership aimed at developing the region and protecting Volvic water

In 2006, Société des Eaux de Volvic and the local districts (Charbonnières-les-Varennes, Pulvérières, Saint-Ours-les-Roches, and Volvic) founded CEPIV (Environmental Committee for the Protection of the Volvic Catchment Area), a public-private partnership that brings together all of the local operators. CEPIV relies on the expertise of the French League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), the French National Forestry Office (ONF), and the Auvergne Nature Reserve Conservation Office (CENA).

The aim is to co-design policies that aim to reconcile local development (farming and urbanisation, etc.) with the protection of the catchment area (area where rainwater and snowmelt infiltrates) and of its biodiversity, in order to guarantee the purity of Volvic natural mineral water for future generations.

Co-design is the focal point of the approach

Decisions are taken in consultation and as part of a co-design approach with all the stakeholders. 
As Cathy Le Hec, Manager of the Danone springs protection and environmental policies, underlines “The aim is not for Volvic to impose a protection policy based on restrictions, or to apply a standard management and development model, but, on the contrary, to find a way of operating that respects and showcases the identity of this area together”.



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